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So, you know you're a lot happier than you were a year ago when you don't write in your LiveJournal nearly as much as you did then.

I'm in a band...

I wish that I was the following women(in alphabetical order):

• Alanis Morissette • Amy Lee • Angelina Jolie • Avril Lavigne • Brody Dalle • Christina Ricci • Gwen Stefani • Jenna Jameson • Joan Jett • Juliette Lewis • Katari • Kate Winslet • Kathleen Hannah • Lo • Michelle Branch • Maria Taylor • Mom • Ms. Adams • Scarlett Johanson • Susan Storm •

And it's not that I really wish to be those women, it's just that those women all have traits that I admire and love and look up to. If you think I'm stupid for that, well then...

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